Manual Handling Awareness

Duration: At your own pace (online)

Location: Online

Cost: $55.00

How to Manage Hazardous Manual Tasks

Over the course of every work day, many industry professionals take on heavy lifting and other physical labour without the correct techniques. APS Training Group has created an awareness program with clear and straightforward advice on correcting these issues.

This is a very beneificial program for business owners to educate their staff on safe approaches to these manual tasks, thereby reducing the risk of workplace injuries.

This course was designed by our accredited assessors based on the guidelines laid out by Safe Work Australia and model WHS regulations regarding hazardous manual tasks. It includes knowledge about how to:

  • Identify hazardous manual tasks
  • Assess the risks of musculoskeletal disorders
  • Eliminate or minimise risks

Our online program is applicable to all professionals conducting strenuous labour tasks, in addition to designers, manufacturers and installers that may create equipment, materials and tools used for work, as well as designers of workplaces where manual tasks are carried out.

Similar training is also available as a non-accredited short course delivered in person at our Bundaberg head office, or at any workplace in the Wide Bay area



  1. Part 1–Introduction

    1. Introduction to hazardous manual tasks
    2. Health & safety duties
    3. Musculoskeletal disorders
    4. Managing the risk

    Part 2–identifying hazardous manual tasks

    1. Hazardous manual tasks
    2. Identifying hazardous manual tasks
    3. Characteristics of hazardous manual tasks
    4. Risk assessments
    5. Performing risk assessments
    6. Risk factors
    7. Sources of risk
    8. The hierarchy of control
    9. Purchasing to eliminate or minimise risks
    10. Changing the design of work areas
    11. Changing the nature of items handled

    Part 3–management of risk & control measures

    1. Management of risk & control measures
    2. Manual lifting techniques
    3. Cutting & the use of tools
    4. Storage
    5. Using administrative control measures
    6. Implementing control measures

Participants who demonstrate competency by passing the theory assessment will receive a Certificate of Completion issued by APS Training Group. As we are environmentally friendly,  all  certificates will be emailed

There are no official prerequisites.
Participants should possess adequate reading, writing, numeracy and comprehension skills (level 1) to complete learning and assessment activities.
You will need an accepted form of photo-identification when completing this course online.