Asbestos Awareness

Duration: At your own pace (online)

Location: Online

Cost: $65.00

How to Manage and Control Asbestos in the Workplace

APS Training Group prepares individuals and business working in areas with asbestos to effectively manage the associated risks. Our trainers deliver this course based on the model code of practice created by Safe Work Australia, latest version published October 2018.

This program provides contractors and workplace safety officers with practical guidance on minimising risks associated with asbestos and asbestos containing material at the workplace to avoid the incidence of asbestos-related diseases such as mesothelioma, asbestosis and lung cancer.

Students will learn all regulations and legal obligations relating to working in areas with asbestos, equipment use, inspections, licencing, disposal and more.



1. Asbestos & your health 
a. What is asbestos
b. Health effects
c. Asbestos in vehicles
d. Uses & locations of asbestos

2. Legal obligations
a. General duty of care
b. Duty of care and asbestos
c. Code of practice
d. Asbestos register
e. Notification to workers
f. Waste removal & disposal
g. Prohibition of work
h. Duty to identify
i. Equipment restrictions
j. Duty to train
k. Location of asbestos
l. Asbestos management plan
m. Demolition & refurbishment
n. Clearance inspection
o. Asbestos levels
p. Licences

3. Asbestos risk management
a. Risk management & asbestos
b. Controlling asbestos risks
c. Air monitoring
d. Health surveillance
e. Personal protective equipment (PPE)
f. Respirators
g. Disturbing asbestos
h. Preparation for maintenance
i. Tools
j. Vacuum cleaners
k. Decontamination
l. Clearance inspections & monitoring
m. Waste removal & disposal
n. Warning signs & labels
o. Emergency procedures
p. Emergency procedures when discovering asbestos
q. Emergency containment measures

Participants who demonstrate competency by passing the theory assessment will receive a Certificate of Completion issued by APS Training Group (RTO#31588), as we are environmentally friendly, all certificates will be emailed.

There are no official prerequisites.
Participants should possess adequate reading, writing, numeracy and comprehension skills (level 2) to complete learning and assessment activities.
You will need an accepted form of photo-identification when completing this course online.

APS Training Group is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO # 31588) governed by the Australian Skills Quality Authority.