Confined Space Awareness

Duration: At your own pace (online)

Location: Online

Cost: $55.00

How to Manage Risks of Work in Confined Spaces

At APS Training Group, we’re highly experienced in all areas of workplace health and safety procedures, including confined space procedures. This course, designed by our regional Queensland trainers, covers effective ways to identify and manage risks associated with work taking place in confined spaces.

This online program is useful for tradespeople and construction industry professionals, as well as designers, manufacturers and installers that may create areas considered a confined space.

This course was designed to satisfy the underpinning knowledge laid out by Safe Work Australia and model WHS regulations in relation to work carried out in a confined space. It is suitable for any individual or parties conducting a business in, or who have management or control of, a confined space.

Based on these guidelines, participants will gain knowledge and direction relating to:

  • Health & safety duties & obligations
  • Managing risks
  • Entry & exit procedures
  • Identifying hazards
  • Use of signs & barricades
  • Communication & safety monitoring
  • Isolation & atmosphere

This is an awareness course only—without a practical component—so it is not a substitute for a full qualification. Please refer to our Enter and Work in Confined Spaces (RIIWHS202D) unit for a nationally recognised accreditation.



1. What is a confined space?
2. Atmospheric hazards
3. Combustible-explosive atmospheres
4. Sources of ignition5. Atmospheric testing
6. Contaminants in a confined space
7. Engulfment
8. Other common hazards in a confined space9. Assessing risks in a confined space

10. Control measures for hazards
11. Implement-review control measures
12. Written authority13. Personal protective equipment (PPE)
14. Stand-by persons
15. Emergency response
16. Duties relating to a confined space

On successful completion you will receive a Certificate of Completion issued by APS Training Group. As we are environmentally friendly, all certificates will be emailed

There are no official prerequisites.
Participants should possess adequate reading, writing, numeracy and comprehension skills (level 1) to complete learning and assessment activities.
You will need an accepted form of photo-identification completing this course online.

APS Training Group is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO # 31588) governed by the Australian Skills Quality Authority.